Hollywood Auction Extravaganza DAY 1 April 2nd 2011 REVIEW

Well sadly the good work of previous Premiereprops auction seems to have dipped as today we got more of the same, but less so, and alot more annoying needless talk about the prices of props always going for more than you bought them, and how this is the only one of its kind. Its getting a little old guys.

The auction itself ran until the wee hours, although I wasn’t following it most of the time. Why? Well I just wasn’t that interested in what amounted to a great deal of C grade merchandise, “Golden Closet” items with high reserves (tip guys…if its been on your site for a year and not sold….bring the prices down) and a mix of A list items that didn’t seem to fly. Then there were a few items that did, but sold for much less than a comparable “Profiles” auction…and Im not sure the sellers will be pleased about that.

So lets delve into the items. First up a Helllboy costume on mannequin that had been in Profiles many moons ago sold for $1400. These prices also need to have tax where applicable added and 20% fees. The Lance Guest head from “The Last Star fighter” went for a meager $350. A very nice tiara from “Ella Enchanted” worn by Ms Hathaway went for a reasonable $450.  Some of the crew items from Lucasfilm had to be grouped together to garner a paltry $50 bid.

Next, the tauntaun casting went for $2600. This was attributed to a crew member…name not given of course. The Sarlaac teeth went for an impressive $3600 and had good provenance. A stop motion gremlin from the first film went for $3800….a good item! The Grail Knight sword from “Indy 3” sold for $8500…impressive.

A beautiful “Tron” disc sold for $3,000 and was impressively displayed with letter from Disney. This was one of my favorite pieces. Michael Biehns costume from “The Abyss” went for a cheap $200….I know it was real as years ago it had been purchased from “Star Wares”….by me!

The “Terminator 3” broken glasses went for $900…but a much nicer costume worn by Arnold went for $6200…..again pretty cheap.

A beautiful set of 3 “Dreamgirls” outfits used in the first 20 minutes of the movie, which I thought was very nice went for $5,000.  These all were complete and had provenance from the director, and of course one was worn by an Oscar winner. Pretty cool!

The Camelot sword never made it to $16,500….I think the reserve was even higher than that. This was a running theme where the bidding would start far too low…and be dragged out. This caused the auction to overrun by an estimate of hours. People sitting at home and in the audience must have been comatose! I had to leave the keyboard for hours at a time….just to get in the mood to listen to the banter!

This Bane mask from “Batman and Robin” went for a paltry $2000….I just didn’t get that. It looked great! The Riddler hat $1600 and the cane $4500…..and frankly I would never buy one of those after Icons made them for the Warner stores all those years ago.

Laughably the 3 main items for the auction in some eyes, the Predator, Batman and Transformers bike were all passed! Victims of too high expectations for a first auction attempt in this recession.

Dean Cains “Superman” costume sold for $3500, a “Rocketeer” helmet $2600, The Mask test head $750, the beautiful “Titanic” art for Rose went for $17,000 and although had an attribution for authenticity in the form of a letter….FAILED to mention who it was from…..makes me sigh I tell you!

Im sure the “House on haunted Hill” only went for $100…because the shipping will be $1,000 or more!

The last few hundred lots of art, posters and misc dragged on with many unsold lots, and $50 items….it must have hurt to sit there.

The Jason mask went for $2500…Im sure many people will have things to say about that. Not me….I have no idea, that films not my cup of tea.

Finally a Freddy mask with opening mouth went for $1700…having been offered online for many more $1,000’s over the years.

Overall…a big disappointment for me. Lets see what happens tomorrow.






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