“Labyrinth” auction: David Bowie’s mask from the film

From the following website:


This is a Screen Used Piece of Movie and Henson History!

This Prop was clearly scene and used in the 1986 Jim Henson Movie LABYRINTH. It is Riding Goblin Pike that is hand crafted from wood, fiberglass and other materials. This is a Awesome pice or art and movie History!

This Prop was used my the Riding Goblin solders in the film. The Pike was used as the spear at the end of their Lance. The Pike is in great condition but does have some wear at the end of the handle. This was probably when they took it off the lance at the end of production. This piece was hand painted with Aluminum paints to give it the look of real metal.

The Pike was Purchased almost ten years ago from the online auction of the Goblin Armor Designer on the Film Michael McCormick. These props were sold off by Mr. McCormick because purchased property and had to move to Europe. This pike was kept In a Vault at his museum while in his possession

This was the same Auction that sold off the Famous Masquerade Mask of Goblin King David Bowie!

Pieces from the Film are almost impossible to find! They either went to production crew, museums or were destroyed at the end of production. I have never come across anything like this for sale since I purchased this item. This is the last piece we have for sale in our collection!!!!


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