Lost: The Auction “What they didn’t show you” Part 2

So hopefully you have had a chance to read Part 1 of this article, this piece is much more indepth with pictures and information. First up, to just reiterate we were promised that most of the production would be in the auction. We were also promised that there were much fewer items used during production than “we” as a community had thought.

Remember these pictures are from the secondary holding facility, and were taken at the end of filming of Season 5.

The first picture pretty much blows that out of the water. Here is a close-up of the rack belonging to Jack Sheppard. Now there is a lot of various costume pieces here, and all various seasons, but the quantities pretty much speak for themselves. Many of the colors and shirts can be seen in the auction catalogue, but without closeups and head on views its impossible to make a correct judgement.

The next rack picture we have Dharma jumpsuits. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as I’m sure they made lots of them. It’s just nice to have a picture of them hanging up in the holding facility.

The ones in the auction sold between $800-$4000 for the star ones, but essentially were all made the same. Still today they are a much talked about item, and really represent the show to some collectors.



The next rack is for Miles and Farraday. The one thing from the auction that sticks out is the black vest he wore when parachuting onto the island. Obviously there are a number of his shirt/skinny tie combinations there…again the picture doesn’t reveal how many. No idea whats on the top rack above it.


This Hurley rack continues on forquite some way, but again any fan of the show will instantly recognise some of the more famous costume pieces like the shirt he changes into a fishing net, 4-5 of the white with brown and blue from earlier seasons, his blue levi jacket and of course dressing gown.

In part 3…more pics including one of the entire room.





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