“Lost” The auction “What they didn’t show you” Part 1


So further to my original article its time to strip back the layers and see exactly what I meant. Well first I think its very important to note the intent of this piece.

I personally invested time, money and effort into the show, and the auction. I took what was said by various parties as being “red”. In other words if they said it I took them to there word, so understandably as the layers were stripped during the run up to the auction many people became irate as the original “promises” were not always kept.

So although I have no specific axe to grind, I will always feel the above. “Profiles in histor”y and ABC played a bit loose with the soundbites, and when it came to delivering the finished product although I still think the auction catalogue is one of the best ever produced the number of faults with items in the book is a real fact. Items are incorrectly listed as being from episodes or seasons, original items that are attributed to the show are at best backups, and not screenused and some items just don’t match at all.

So it all comes down to this then. Now with the benefit of hindsight, a few on the record words with various parties and some startling pictures from behind the scenes. What my personal beliefs are will be set in the corner. Let the information speak for itself.

First of all a number of people on the mpf,  rpf and various blogs brought up various misgivings about the auction. These were in turn answered by Joe Maddalena at Profiles.

When a number of further questions were asked, Jim over at Moviepropcollectors.com personally called Joe and received the following information. Here were the questions and answers.

1)Why were we informed “everything” was going to be auctioned?, 2) Why were we informed “all” the hero pieces would be auctioned?

Joe: To clarify, there were multiple items used for filming, some survived, some did not. The things that did survive the 6 seasons, are in the auction.

3) Were the majority of the costumes archived? We know there were several of each costume due to the various levels of distressing, and only one of each is in the catalog. Just on wardrobe alone, I would guess Profiles has only 25% of it, if that.

Joe: Many of the costumes which were everyday clothing did not survive over 6 years. Clothes get worn, ripped, damaged, etc.

The costume pieces that are in the auction represent the majority of the hero costumes that were left after filming.

4) Does Profiles have any plans at this time to hold another LOST auction down the road (i.e. are they holding pieces back from this auction that are currently in their inventory)?

Joe: Profiles does not have any plans to have another LOST auction as was the case with the Battlestar Galactica auctions.

Now I like others took this comments as red at this point, even though we still had access to various pieces of information to the contrary…such as this youtube video from Season 4 with Roland Sanchez. Notice what he says at 2:51. It was this mythical extra facility that I wanted to get a look at.

Part of this was driven by a simple costume worn by Ben Linus…it just wasn’t in the catalog. It kept popping up in various publicity stills in the catalog and was worn for much of Season 3 and 4. I wanted it…and I just couldn’t work out what had happened to them. Well finally I gave up and thought all of them must have been so covered with blood and dirt they were truly destroyed.

The other part was purely protecting my investment. If there was to be a future sale just how many of each costume was made. That lead me to an interview where Roland said they keep 6-8 pieces for each character…and that in turn lead me to my source for some incredible pictures, which I think its also important to note are circa early 2009.

In part two of this article we start an epic peak behind the curtain. For now here is a glimpse of the first photo from the costume holding facility that I opened on my desktop, and just below it what was sold at the auction for $3,500 plus premium. You will also notice that there are 5 of the above Ben shirt on the rack I prized so highly…right next to the parka.

Coming this week….Part 2.

This article and related contents copyright (thepropstop 2011) and may not be reproduced without permission.


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