The best of whats out there: in my opinion “”

Well last week we took a look at “Propmasters“….this week “Screenused“. What do they have that I can’t believe is still on the site. As usual, price…well maybe that factors into it, but if its still there…maybe make them an offer.

Here is a beautiful cased gun from “The outlaw Josey Wales”.

This style stunt revolver was used on screen by Clint Eastwood as “Josey Wales” and calvary soldiers. It is a Walker Colt revolver made of rubber and is very authentic in appearance. It is painted silver, gold and brown and brushed with black to have an aged look. The trigger guard is thick with square edges and is gold colored. This prop gun is presented in a custom display case that measures 18.5″ tall x 13.5″ wide x 4″ deep.

Surely Vicky Vales gown from the original 1989 “Batman” is iconic. It certainly is burned in my memory, especially from the publicity photograph of Kim and Michael Keaton.

This stunning full length gown was worn on screen by Kim Basinger as “Vicki Vale”. It can be seen in the beginning of the film when Vicki attends the Save the Festival fundraising party at Wayne Manor. This is a very recognizable gown, in which Vicki Vale interacts with Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) and other key characters in the film. The manufacturer tag reads The Chelsea Design Co. London and is size 12. There is some slight perspiration staining in the underarm area. This is a fantastic artifact from the Batman film that jump started the franchise.

It looks like the next item may well have been sold. Im glad…its gorgeous and a beautiful costume. Sure the movie is a bit iffy…but Jim Carry is cool…and the costume is even nicer!

This costume was custom made for use by Jim Carrey as “Count Olaf” and can be seen near the end of the film during the play/wedding. The extremely detailed costume consists of a Matching wood-grain jacket and pants, tights, vest and shirt. This costume is in overall very good condition with only minor wear from use.

Jim Carrey stuff has always been rare. Im glad…and I hope this has got a new home that really enjoys this stand out item.

Im a sucker for “Charlies Angels” pieces. They seem to have taken a real dive in the collectors world despite when they originally came out. Thats a shame. Here is a beautiful piece.

This is the costume that Cameron Diaz wore as “Natalie Cook” in the opening scene. This scene was set in a Mongolian bar, with Natalie riding a mechanical bull. Once she and the other angels rescue Ray Carter, they have to take on the whole house Angel style.

A really nice piece that.

Same goes for this Colin Farrell costume from “SWAT”. Its interesting to see how some wardrobe from an actor goes up, but then can stall and fall given the current view of him in film at the time.

This Police outfit was worn on screen by Colin Farrell as “Jim Street”. This costume consists of shirt, tie, pants and belt. Colin Farrell can be seen wearing this costume in several scenes of the film.

I still think that as a display this is a beautiful piece though.














Finally a really strong piece from “The Skulls”.

This medallion is used on screen in the beginning of the film when Ryan (Robin Dunne) and Jeff (Christopher Ralph) receive the medallion as an invitation to the final trial of the revealing process. The medallion is made from metal. There is a circle with 8 points around the outside and a skull in the center. It hangs from a gray and black stripped ribbon.


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