What I saw on eBay! Natalie Portman “Phantom Menace” costume

Whilst undeniably not that good few can say that “Star Wars” items are not worth checking out, especially on ebay so here is a recent listing which was in the last Profiles in History auction.


Screen Worn Natalie Portman “Padme” Star Wars Episode 1– The Phantom Menace

(TCF, 1999) Peasant costume worn by Natalie Portman as “Padme” including rough spun gray tunic with integral blue belt tie and red fabric emblem, blue top and numerous strips of gray cloth wraps. Tunic and top labeled inside “BBC Costume 0208 576 1735 LI1778/2GY/BL X LRG LTUN PADME (STAR WARS) TUNI,” one with “A” in ink.

This would mount fantastic in a nice frame or display stand for anyone’s game room and at a great price from a well known movie star and entertainer!

Originally sold in the Profiles in History Auction Catalog #43.

Comes with a COA Letter from Profiles in History, one of the most reliable Entertainment Auction Houses out there.

Also comes with the Auction Catalog #43.

Original Star Wars Items no matter WHICH movie you are speaking about RARELY come up for bid on Ebay! This is YOUR chance to own an item from arguably the most famous series of movies ever!

I guess what Im wondering is why is there a BBC costume tag in it? I only ask, because…well…you know. Especially at $8,750 opening bid.


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