Universal Solider “Ralph Moeller” GR-76 costume UPDATE

Further to this article:


I have now received this costume and some interesting observations came up. Firstly the belt had some unidentified initials inside…still working on that. The shirt was as described inscribed along the top rear collar with the actors name and GR-76 which I thought was cool.

The chest armor is interesting. Mainly because its vac formed plastic under the cloth layer. The inside is also beautifully lined. These were made very nicely. The arm/shoulder pieces are also interesting because not only are they removable, with a piece of velcro and metal clip they were obviously made that way for a reason. I suspect since I have seen a vest from the earlier seen at the dam without its pads that they were made to be switched between costumes, maybe reducing the cost. This is only a theory at this stage…if they can be matched it would be interesting and time consuming.

I have also received the trousers from the costume, and it turned out they were not worn by Ralph but by Eric Norris…son of Chuck Norris who played GR-86 and they are marked as such. Eric can be seen here in the far left of the picture.








In the picture below you can see the inside of the pants.


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