What I saw on eBay! “ID4” alien attacker model ship

Here is the description: Item number 330527786156

I’m selling this for a good friend who was one of the professionals who did the visuals and special effects for the Feature film “Independence Day” ( ID4 ) This is a truly rare piece and is stunning to look at every time you go to view it. Being a collector myself & the owner of some of the finest original movie and TV models ever made (Battlestar Galactica / Buck Rogers). I truly find this is one fantastic Studio Miniature (prop). It is painstakingly detailed to the max, very impressive when seen in person  With CGI being the new tech for Hollywood Features. Studio designed and built Models are becoming extremely harder to find. Original Movie Miniatures are at the top of the collectors lists. It is for me! This one will be sure to climb in value as time goes on. It already has a custom traveling crate that was just built for transportation so it will arrive safely to it’s destination. I could go on about this fine studio miniature but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. If you have any questions about this attacker please feel free to email and ask, I’ll do my best to assist. Please do not pat attention to the shipping fees listed here as shipping will have to be worked out as this is something that should travel by professional shipping organizations. The Model will be shipped from Hollywood. Please read my feedback and bid with confidence. Thank you for looking and please enjoy…:) This one is right up there with my original “Hero” Cylon Raider & Colonial Viper!


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