Odo “Deep Space Nine” costume update

Odo story

Basically when I received this costume it pretty much went straight onto a mannequin within hours of getting it and has been there pretty much until it was backstocked into my wardrobe recently as I like to switch things out every year or so to keep my living room fresh. So for a while its been hanging up in other words. Ive had quite a few hits to the article directed from Renees site so obviously Ive had a few offers but I have pretty much just ignored them.

So tonight I got a humdinger so naturally I took the costume out of the wardrobe to stare at it and just contemplate not owning it…and I know several others have done this…David M…I just know you must have the way you have been selling stuff off…(lol)….well I knew the trousers and belt had Renee’s name clearly on the tags and I had identified one of the stunt guys Brian J Williams

but I had trouble finding E Doyle…so I realised that when I looked at it again it was C Doyle and this came  up as Christopher_Doyle

I know its a fairly elementary mistake but I guess I was excited at the time and just didnt see it…so another piece of the puzzle solved. I was in my wardrobe that I have a fairly bright light affixed to the ceiling now and had seen another name kind of under the handriting and to the side of the DOYLE which I had looked at before when I got it and always assumed too my dismay it said LENTA or something like that because it was faded (and of course couldnt find it in the memory alpha stunt man section)…well I just realised having gone back thru the trek archive this week that somebody in the costume department had a real problem with “r” since there are several other costumes I saw tagged with an R that looked like an L…well in my opinion..so I realised that the tag actually looks like the first four words are R.E.N. and the T is the top half of a broken E.

Well I posted my feelings over on the “Star Trek Props costumes and & auctions” forum and Lyn Wright, one of the forums moderators came to the rescue with her amazing proof reading skills and during the night came up with the name LENTRY.

I completely agree with her findings…in fact Mark Lentry was the stand in for Odo for six whole seasons.

Thank you Lyn for the help!


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