The best of whats out there: in my opinion

The best of whats out there….in my opinion. Exactly as it states. I have no personal affiliation with the dealers concerned (other than I might like them), and neither do I state any of the items are any more than the individual lists them as. I think its high time though to go through the backlog of some of these websites and pull out the true gems that inexplicably nobody has purchased yet.

Maybe you missed them the first time around, maybe it costs too much….maybe you just didn’t see it! Bottom line is…make an offer…you never know!

This week…a fellow who is one of the old guard and a gentleman to boot, Mr David Oliver at “Propmasters”.

A wonderful special effects full figure miniature of Uma Thurman as ‘Emma Peel’ in her signature black leather catsuit from the 1998 big screen adaption of the classic cult television series. The highly detailed miniature features a great likness of the actress and is hand painted to the highest standard. Constructed of resin with ‘real’ hair that has been accurately styled to match the character’s style in the movie. This superb miniature was made for use for special effects model work involving the character, such as the sphere scene at the movies finale when it rises up from the Thames.

This is a beautiful model used in the balloon escape I would imagine and measures 12″ x 5″.


This is one of the two life size Anterean Aliens discovered within the Cocoons in the swimming pool used by the residents of an elderly home nearby, the resident having been rejuvenated by the power of the Cocoons. This is one of the most exceptionally constructed props we have ever had experience of. Beautifully made of a semi-rigid urethane with fully jointed heavy metal armature enabling it to curl right up in to itself for placement within the Cocoon. Incredibly detailed it is a true work of art. In the coiled position it measures 3 ft in length but outstretched approx. 6 ft. It can be displayed either way to great effect. It is worth noting that the film recieved the 1986 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, and with this as an example of the work it is no surprise why. A fantastic stand alone prop which would be the centrepiece of any collection.

Who wouldn’t want a 6 foot “Cocoon” alien in their front room……

From the cult sci-fi classic starring Sam Jones as Flash Gordon comes this fantastic large scale miniature Hawkman. The Hawkmen are seen throughout the majority of the movie and when seen in flight the production used a mixture of real actors and miniatures. Please view in particular the accompanying third screen image capture which clearly shows such miniatures in use. This large miniature is complete with fixed Costume, Sandals, Weapon Holster and Helmet. Lacking the wings it displays signs of general age and wear, in particular to the hands, plus the helmet exhibits damage. However, this is known to be one of the best condition examples of this rare prop in existance today. “Flash Gordon” props continue to become harder to source and this is a very impressive example to add to any prop collection.

After Bonhams “Flash” stuff is at a premium….and this Hawkman is pretty snazzy and one of only two like it I have ever seen. 43″ long too…

This was a real surprise. Cains remote from “Robocop 2″…not in the best of health…but the Cyborg did take a dislike to it.

Zeroid and Zelda’s cube from “Terrahawks”…(nods sagely)….all that needs to be said. “Stroll on!”

If you love Crispin Glover….well this next piece is ace. A complete outfit and swordstick. Nuff said. Funny how “Charlies Angels” stuff isn’t as wanted anymore….

Absolutely my favourite piece….Baron Bombursts costumes from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”….stunning!

These are still pretty hard to find…a complete “Masters of the Universe” Eternian solider costume.

Okay so this is from “Battle across time 3-D” at Universal….BUT who couldnt love this!

So there you have it. Sometimes it pays to go through the old listings one more time. We will be checking out Propstore, Screenused, Propworx and Abacus in the weeks to come. Hope you enjoyed our little look. Don’t forget to go through the archive pages too and see some of the stuff these companies have already sold. Here is my favourite item….always loved these!




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