What I saw on eBay! “Star Trek” costumes go cheap….

Recently we have had a plethora of “Trek” costumes going very cheaply. “Star Wares” who had some problems with an online auction last year which resulted in the auctions being ended early finally put the majority of the items on ebay last week.

In my opinion the items were real costumes wise…and I have pictures and prices below. The auctions were ended at around 6pm midwest time…which was a truely bad time to end them with alot of buyers being out on the road and the auctions ran with little or no fanfare on public forums.

Here is the “Generations” Shatner which I think was more likely stunt, the WS inside looking like it had been written over rather than under. The condition of the piece too generally suggested it had been used for stunt work with rips in the back of the costume for cabling etc. Someone got a bargain here at $2300.

The Bob Picardo Dr piece went for $898.00 although was missing its shirt.

The Janeway “Voyager” costume piece went for just over $2,000…another steal.

I think the public perception on these pieces was tinged by the original auction. Certainly if my bids had been taken and then not honored I would have felt the same way as some people obviously had during the sale.

No doubt in my mind if these had been sold by Screenused or Propstore they would have been substantially more expensive.

Nuff said.



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