What I saw on eBay! Scotty costume from “The Motion Picture”

Another fantastic bit of “Trek” history. General complaints seem to have been that it was cleaned and added too…but sadly when you see the original Its a Wrap listing I fully support this move. It added and enhanced a cow into a duckling! Here is the original IAW listing picture.

Not thrilling I agree but even that sold for nearly 3k. Here is the ebay listing.

Obtained directly from Paramount through the “It’s A Wrap” auctions, here’s a hard-to-find classic – a Starfleet Classs-D uniform worn by “Scotty” actor James Doohan in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This was the first of the Star Trek films, released in 1979. Here’s what it features:

  • Jumpsuit features highly detailed stiting, velcro closures and practical pocket. It was carefully hand washed to restore it to its origianl state. It’s now in beautiful, super-clean condition. It has a few thread pulls put no damage.
  • Sewn-in Western Costume tag that reads “No. 2319-I / James Doohan”
  • Screen-used chest patch and shoulder tabs of the correct color (not original to the costume – purchased from “It’s a Wrap” and are production pieces)
  • Custom made fabric-covered shoes (made for display) to emulate the type used in the film– not original to the piece
  • Replica bio-monitor – cast off a screen-used version
  • Only known version of this uniform.

Includes an original “It’s A Wrap” Certificate of Authenticity for both the uniform and the chest patch. Don’t miss out on your chance for a true piece of Star Trek history.

Much better and here are the pics!



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