What I saw on eBay! “Universal Soldier” GR-76 Ralph Moeller costume pieces

A VERY cool piece from the 1992 Van Damme film “Universal Solider”

Here is the original description:

I am offering a wardrobe ensemble from the 1992 production.  As pictured, this “battle uniform” (see posted publicity photo of Van Damme and Lundgren) consists of the turtle shell-like armor (with “sniper” patch featuring a skull and cross bones on the right shoulder piece & “special forces” patch on the left), fatigue pants, belt, and long-sleeve mesh top, all in desert camouflage motif.  I received all of these pieces approx. 6 months after the production wrapped, and all were presented together on a hanger as an ensemble, wrapped in a clear plastic dry-cleaning bag.  They have been stored since then in a climate-controlled environment.

The “turtle shell” armor piece was custom made by “The Miracle Shop” in the greater L.A. area, and features the name “Ralph” printed in black sharpie above the garment’s tag, and also again underneath the tag.  “Ralph” was actually Ralf Moeller, a German-born bodybuilder-turned actor (sound familiar?) who won the Mr. Universe title and competed in the 1988 Mr. Olympia contest.  Posted is a picture during the “Universal Soldier” shoot featuring cast-mates Moeller, Van Damme, along with old friends Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  All stitching, clippage, and velcro on the armor piece is original and intact and in the condition in which it was first received by myself (see pictures).  All buttons, ties and side adjustments are original and intact on the fatigue pants.  The belt and mesh top are in original condition.  In the film, each Universal Soldier wears headgear featuring an eyepiece and a microphone; since these units actually belonged to the property dept., they were not stored with the wardrobe items and were not included when I received the ensemble (as this came directly from the wardrobe storage warehouse).  The boots (standard issue army desert combat boots) were also not included when I received the ensemble.  So there you have it.  This is an interesting, fun, and cool one-of-a-kind find (especially for bodybuilding fans, with the tie-in to Ralf Mueller), one where you can pick up the movie and actually see your pieces in action.  You could put it away as part of your collection, or even use it as a costume if you desire.  Either way, the quality of the pieces is substantial, and I have not seen others like it in quite a long time.  Thank you for looking!
Consisting of Shirt, which matches an onset photo of the actor, body armor, trousers and belt.

Interestingly enough and something I had not noticed before…the camoflage armor worn at the beginning of the movie is different to that worn later. Pics below.


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