News: “”Judge Dredd” in South Africa….Lawmaster pics do not inspire confidence…but the Helmets ok!

The problem with the world today is that when it comes to big budget movies….there are no more secrets and unfortunately this is going to come back and bite the butts of the new Judge Dredd production filming in South Africa.

First up..the helmet…which I like.

This exclusive pic of the new Lawmaster is just…well…its awful.

Unfortunately its too late…thats what they have made…thats what they gave us. Im sure this one unlike the 1995 movie versions will be able to go left and right in more than a 20 degree turn. However…unfortunately…its pretty hideous and just looks cheap with that giant fibreglass faring. Interestingly fan reaction seems positive…..but this out of context shot really makes me shudder.

It should be remembered too this cowling could be covering the front of the real bike…but it sure doesn’t look that way.

Here is the Stallone movie version….

and the comic version made for a fan film….

There are production made bikes by the manufacturers guys….THAT WOULD HAVE LOOKED BETTER THAN WHAT WE ARE GETTING.

Oh well…..guess this portends things to come.


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