The good old days (Part 1)….what was it really like before the internet?

I get asked this alot! What was prop collecting like pre internet….the days of the regular phone…faxes and mail.

Well here is the start of a treasure trove of pieces that I have uncovered….lists…..glorious photos and in some cases prices…of what the items of yesterday sold for….and what was available. In some cases I might not even know what it is…or when I received these…so please don’t bother emailing me asking.

I simply put these down so future generations might ask the eternal question. Where did THAT go….and what was it really like. These next articles over the coming months will try to answer that.

And so we begin……this is just one collector/dealers list with there items for sale.

Compy from "the lost world, Batman car maquette, creature from "Phantom menace" and naboo rifle

Batman penguin, dusk till dawn vampire, the game key, starship troopers miniature, wedlock collar, titanic gauge, eternia costume from masters of the universe, Jokers card from original Batman, James Bond licence plate

So you would find someone in a magazine, or in person, or from a friend….you would contact them…and then they would send you a list of what they had to sell. Here is a rather beautiful version from the late 1990’s. Considering everything this is one of the better for sale lists.

Next time….we will show you one of the worst.


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