What I saw on eBay! Tron original disk and crew items

Rarely do I get as excited as this about an article…it was just some great stuff that came up on eBay these last few days, and unfortunately as the underbidder on the Tron disk I can’t show you better pictures than the ones from the auction but here they are with some of the better pieces talked about in detail.

First up Im not sure if these items were pulled or purchased as a job lot as they were listed seperately originally. A quick check on the bidding history indeed confirms they sold as a buy it now. Here is the description:

These are Tron Kodalith/transparencies used to put the Special Photo Effects in.

The scenes when they were “in The Game” were all shot in black & white. All the 70mm frames in these scenes were blown up, masks were made to only allow the colors in the correct places. These were the blues, Yellows, reds and even some whites to be inserted.  There are 11 units

I took 2 pictures of the item. One was a flash picture with a colored paper underneath so the image would show up. The second picture of each was taken with the transparency over a light box. The pieces are approximately 20” X 12”.

These were truly stunning items...here are some pics

Absolutely beautiful. Next up are a few crew items that helped authenticate the final and best piece up in a while.

Sold for $343 this is the original crew tshirt art

The team created their mascot as this Tron Character with light bulbs all over him.It was then printed on Disney “Cel Paper” with the 3 punch holes to register him. This is an Original framed piece from 1981. Frame is 12 ¼” X 15 ¼”

and an original crew shirt with the art on…

Crew shirt sold for $35.00

Here is another truly stunning set of images….description below…

These are original Tron Production Model Sheets. There are 5 of them. They show the characters in various poses in their costumes. They are on heavy stock at 20” X 24”. “Tron – Production 0222” on all of them. The characters are Tron, Flynn, Yori, Sark and Dummont. A couple of the tips of the corners have slight folds., very small. The Flynn & Tron sheets have a small tear at an outside edge about ½” long but are in great shape otherwise.

and lastly the final and best piece…an original disk. Here are some comments from the auction:

This is a Framed Identity Disk from the 1982 Disney Movie Tron. It also includes 2 8X10 photos. One has the Tron logo. The other is a press picture of Bruce Boxleitner as Tron which he signed. In a Disney article, they talked about how the disc was made. “Completing each costume was the identity disk, which was actually made from a Frisbee. The discs were cast in foam and Velcro was used to attach them to the back of the costumes.” This disc at over 28 years old, is in pretty good shape, considering what it was made out of. There are some scratches going through the black and white circles.

here is a wag who tried to buy the item before the end of the auction…tsk…tsk….

Hi Jack – Happy New Year…! I bought the Captain EO sign from you a few months ago, and I saw that you’ve now posted some TRON items, and I was interested in a couple of them – this framed Identity Disc prop and the TRON model sheets. Could you possibly make a deal on them if I got both? I can make payment by paypal, and can do so now if you’d like to end your auctions. Thanks, Jay

Thank you Jay, for the generous offer. I didn’t keep any reserve on these items, knowing these are almost one-of-a-kind items. I expect the disc to sell for over $1000, if not, I’d just as soon keep it. The model sheets are also very rare. I think I will let the auctions run there course, but thank you for the offer. I priced these items well below what they are worth. Thanks for checking them out. I’ll be putting on some large format transparencies from 70mm blowups and making cells and other printed out scenes soon, hopefully tomorrow. Good luck.

and another reply

I worked at Disney for 28 years, retired in December ’09. Tron was the first movie I worked on. When the movie finished, they kept a few items and threw the rest in the trash dumpster. There’s no paper work but if you check out all my unique items, that should tell you I was closely involved with the movie production. The coffee mug was for the cast & crew and the stats of the magazine covers that never came out and all the Special Photo Effects crew items. Sunday, I’ll be putting my Tron jacket on E-bay. I was there. Hope that helps. I worked under John Scheeley doing a lot of the photo Special Effects. There is no paper work. The disc is a foam item, not plastic. According to a Disney article “A plastic frissbee was used as a model and they cast the movie items from foam”

A steal at just over $2,000

So there you have it. Some amazing pieces…if you missed it oh well…if you are the lucky winner….well then I salute you with this french version of the movie poster..





One thought on “What I saw on eBay! Tron original disk and crew items

  1. I won the visual effects crew items, except the blue shirt because I have one. I now own all of the crew items that were given out for TRON!

    Not to mention an original Flynn helmet 🙂

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