RESIDENT EVIL 4: DVD & Blue ray out tuesday December 28th

The cheapest place for this new release is at Walmart for $19.96 for the steelcase edition.

The dvd is $16.96 on there website right now.

Check out our earlier review

Audio Commentary with Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, and Robert Kulzer – I was hoping to maybe come out of this track respecting Anderson somewhat more as a person, but, I guess a commentary track can’t perform miracles now, can it? There’s certainly some interesting tidbits that are worth hearing about, but the track as a whole isn’t entirely informative. The best commentary tracks I’ve ever heard have come from the people that worked on a film behind-the-scenes actually being critical of their own work. This track however is very heavy on the compliments, and unless you have a phenomenal cast in the recording room with you, there’s really no need for people to sit around and pat each other on the back for the great work that they’ve done. I want to hear the nitty-gritty, the problems… ya know, all the good stuff!

Featurettes – Back Under the Umbrella – Directing Afterlife, Band of Survivors – Casting Afterlife, Undead Dimension – Resident Evil in 3D, Fighting Back – The Action of Afterlife, Vision of the Apocalypse – The Design of Afterlife, New Blood – The Undead of Afterlife, Pwning the Undead – Gamers of the Afterlife – These mini-featurettes, although numerous in number, only come to about 45 minutes cumulatively. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though – Instead of going back out to the extras menu every so often to start up yet another short supplement, we’re given the option to view them as one large ‘making of’ feature. The name of each mini-featurette is pretty self explanatory, so taking a browse through those should give you the gist of all the goods this package has to offer. Much like the commentary track, this still isn’t as in-depth as I would have liked, but given the choice between the two, I’d much rather sit down and watch these featurettes again.

Undead Vision – Picture-in-Picture – Now this is more like it! This picture-in-picture track has everything – Behind-the-scenes footage, early artwork for the film, animatics, and interviews from the cast and crew that get right to business. This isn’t just a reworked version of the featurettes either, as there’s actually a bunch of footage available here that isn’t available anywhere else on the disc. This is the best offering on the disc by far, but it still feels kind of incomplete, and a little more care could have been put into making this a little more enjoyable.

Deleted/Extended Scenes – The film is tightly cut as it is, and considering it’s a popcorn action flick, that’s the way it should be. These deleted and extended scenes only would have served to unnecessarily drag the film out. As is, they’re not even really entertaining as omissions.

Outtakes – I was expecting the outtakes on this release to be fairly lame (I don’t know, the tone of the Resident Evil films just make it hard for me to imagine everyone having a laugh on set), but they’re actually quite entertaining. Make sure not to this supplement for some good laughs!

Sneak Peek of Resident Evil – Damnation – This is only about a minute long, and it works alright as a promotional piece.


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