What I saw on eBay! “Star Trek Nemesis” props and crew items

Well these items came up on eBay during a charity auction and I couldn’t resist picking them up. Firstly the money went to charity…secondly…they sold for nothing.

The auction was run by Friends of West Hollywood Elementary school. Here is the auction description from eBay!

Two very rare Communicator badges used in the 2002 film “Star Trek: Nemesis”. Equally rare crew-issue only hooded jacket (size L). And a copy of the “Star Trek: Nemesis” script signed “To Rochele” by the film’s British star Tom Hardy (Praetor Shinzon), most recently seen in “Inception”.

As you can see that was very little too go on but after requesting more information I found that the lady who had consigned these had a child that went to the school and that she was the lead costume supervisor on the production.

The crew jacket I had seen a couple of times before but I didn’t realise that the cast had there signatures embroided into the inside of the coat.

That was a nice touch. It was a size large and still had the removable hood attatched.

The next item was an original script with all the colored sections from the various rewrites that the production had. This was very cool as I had not seen a script like this before. Usually they are all white, even if the front of the script like this one claims that it should have different colored sections.

The script belonged to the wardrobe supervisor and was signed on the front cover by Tom Hardy who played Shinzon when he borrowed it to learn some lines. The script is marked confidential in many areas, and was the one used to film the movie. There aren’t alot of unused pieces in it.

Finally the best two items were the communicator badges, both screen used in Nemesis, which both had numbers on the reverse and matched other badges sold before from good sources.

The Propworx auction last year achieved $1500 for an Okuda owned badge just like one of these above. The Christies auction had Comm badges hitting $3,000.

Well all in these sold for under $1,000  so it was a real coup to find these and positively ID them as screen used….just thru a little detective work as usual!


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