Profiles Hollywood auction 43: Day 2 LIVE!

Well today started with a bang…and continued with a bang…..Im still not sure some of the prices are that amazing overall…but just like yesterday stand out pieces continue to defy the odds…and dare I say it…make not a lick of sense sometimes.

First up using I-collector one can clearly see that bids are coming from ALL over the world. This is a good sign, but I still see massive dips in props that years ago would have sold for far more…the interest now seemingly having died in them.

Harrison Fords script went for a mighty $100,000 from Raiders of the lost ark.

The Key from Psycho 2 went for $4250….a nice price.

The “Conan” sword for 11k was an amazing buy. Years ago planet hollywood would have paid a mint for that piece.

The Blade runner stuff went fairly well..the stand out being this police costume for $15, amazing price….I think the badges had a bit to too with that too.

Dan over at aliensarchive took the next lot up to $5,500…..a crazy price. I guess you really wanted em but he was outbid. For something seen on screen for seconds….I think this was a GOOD thing.

Next up, the hero hoverboard from “Back to the future 2” went for $20k. Solid provenance, nice piece! The quarter scale Batmobile from the second film $35k…again a nice piece. Then a Terminator jacket lot 754 sold for $25,000. These two have sold for more in the past. Tom Hank’s running shoes from “Gump” sold for 9k. Ben Afflecks costume from “Shakespeare in love” an garnered a very respectable $375d was a beautiful piece.

Lot 810 a red Austin Powers suit sold for $9,000….this stuff has always remained strong…but the “Gladiator” stuff seems to have taken quite the tumble. This hero creeper head went for $8,000….get Tom Spina on that now!

This green Goblin piece that has been on Screenuseds site for ages sold for an incredible $27,500! The estimate was $10,000. Unreal!

The Hellboy pistol went for a fairly standard $10,000. Lot 887 and 888 went for $2750 each for some very nice used and unpainted appliances from the two FLY movies. This “Pirates of the carribean” piece sold on ebay a few months back for $2500 or so. It resold at Profiles at a profit of $5,000.

One of my favourite pieces in the auction was the 18×32 inch scorpion bug from Starship Troopers 3. It sold for $3,000. A great price….but a fairly awful film.

The RT chest unit from “Ironman” went for $15,000….not sure if thats a markup from the PROPWORX event. Have to check that.

Now onto TREK. The 3 logos from classic trek sold for $5,500. Logos and badges always seem to do well from this show.

The two classic Trek costumes were deemed overpriced and didn’t sell. The below artwork from the first movie went for $4500….$2,000 more than estimated.

The complete Sulu maroon….that was in fact not all Sulu afterall went for $5,500…about right for a no name maroon. The stunt borg arm a cheap $475, bayonet for $300 or so, medical injector $700, the Enterprise D plaque for $3250…of which we seem to have seen many of before….same with the illuminating phaser for $3750…surely not the same one doing the rounds auction after auction….Suliban pistol for $500, and then onto the “Nightmare before Xmas” items.

Well thats it for Part 1. More Day 2 stuff later!




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