Profiles Hollywood auction 43: Day 1 roundup

Well day one ended after a long day of bidding. Some good prices realised but nothing really standout to be able to give us a sense of how today will go. Here are some of the items though and prices realised.

Some may remember this lot, Steeds Hat and umbrella from a previous article I did. Unfortunately this was sold from underneath me, and put immediately into Profiles so I never had a chance to inspect this up close. The really interesting thing about this is a few years ago profiles sold a hat for over $50,000 that had lesser provenance than this…so I was amazed to see it go for only $11,000. Very surprising.

Next up was Lot 446, a Maxwell Smart gun from “Get Smart”. This proved popular and went for $11,000. A nice example with solid provenance from the “Spy-fi” archives and Ellis props.

Lot 450 and 451, two “Lost in Space” tunics sold for $6,000 and $11,000 respectively…but then 454 blew these prices out of the water when a Captain Grey puppet head from “Captain Scarlett” sold for $20,000. This was the low estimate but seemed alot to me considering most American viewers don’t know the show very well.

The item is very rare though….and a beautiful piece all in all.

Next up we have lot 459, a pair of Benny Hill glasses that sold for $3,500. This was more than double the estimate so I was very happy to see that.

A signed script for the LOST episode “The 23rd Psalm” signed by the cast sold for $2500, although my comment at that script is it should have been in different colors as per the top sheet. If its all white it was a duplicate in my opinion.

The Adama “Galactica” costumes failed to sell as did the Sgt Basilone from “The Pacific”, which was a good indicator that the market is rather flooded with this stuff right now. Any interested parties would probably have bought better pieces there, and for cheaper.

Lot 535 the invisible man suit failed to sell…despite its high visibility in the catalogue.

An orginal matte painting from “Oz” sold for 80k, the low estimate. This was a beautiful piece though, and of all the Oz pieces this time around was my favourite. The Winky guard musket went for an amazing $37,500….which estimated originally at $12,000 was a big step up.

Lot 561, an original matte painting from “Spellbound” a film I am completely unfamiliar with sold for $40,000.

Dr Morbius’s costume from “Forbidden Planet” went for 50k. I was surprised at that because I would have thought it would have fetched more.

I was also surprised at the “Planet of the Apes” items as they seemed to go for less than the past. Items included a Gorilla background mask for $2500, an orangutan display outfit for $10,000, and a hero Gorilla outfit for $6,000. The stand out here though was a very rare backback that sold for $17,000. The estimate only being $3,000. The bleeding lawgiver head sold for $25,000. Other viewers may remember this being on SCREENUSED.COM’s website for a while.

Clint Eastwoods revolver from “Outlaw Josey Wales” sold for $20,000. Then up came the “Star Wars” items, many of which had been under intense scrutiny. The Yoda pendant sold for $27,500 and had solid provanance from Bapty. Both Vader items failed to illicit a bid, the robe with the inside tag that seemed to have been altered and rewritten in, and the Vader helmet.

Then the only “Flash Gordon” item of the sale came up…the communicator from the Hawkman rocket cycle that illicited a bid of $1900. Quite surprising, but not after all the fuss at Bonhams this week!

Finally the “Clash of the Titans” items went well, the shield for $13k, the sword for $6k and the helmet for $10k.

This too me was a good illustration of this auction. 1960’s items that would normally have gone for more had softened…but 1980’s items are strengthening based on the typical 40 year old have the money to play with now. I think this will play out VERY interestingly today.

See you later then with more information from day 2!





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