Profiles Hollywood auction 43: Up and running!

Not much to report so far. Its 2:15 PM Hollywood time and we are at lot 297 a Johnny Weissmuller “tarzan actor” camera negative that just sold to the floor for $4,000.

We still have various photos, posters and costume designs before the more mainstream scifi tv props and wardrobe start turning up in the mid 400’s from shows like LOST, BATTLESTAR and X-FILES. It will be interesting to see how these early items fair considering most of the big ticket stuff is tomorrow.

Just leafing thru the portaits sold so far…most seem to have sold, and for good money. One of the standouts being a Norma Shear camera negative,  lot 286 for $15,000 and another for $6,500.

The Highlights for today will be the items from “Clash of the Titans” so I look forward to stopping back with you later with some more highlights and prices realised. Good luck!


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