FROCKTALK: Movie wardrobe site

Check it out….plenty of cool information here for the interested collector.

Welcome to Frocktalk, your opportunity it get the inside scoop on costumes designed for the silver screen.  Here at Frocktalk, we only review movie costumes worthy of praise, excitement, awe and wonderment, and not in the way you might expect.

Costumes don’t have to be fancy, fussy, expensive or gorgeous to be good.  In fact, most of the costumes we will discuss on this site are, at first glance, rather ordinary.  They become extraordinary, however, when one discovers their deeper meaning.  It is the job of the costume designer to bring the character to life, to inform the audience who this person is, and what he is about, before the actor can even open his mouth.   What we as costume designers seek is appropriateness, costumes that evoke a story and set the scene for our characters.

All of the reviews for this site have been written by working costume designers and costume crew in the entertainment industry.  We know (all too well, sometimes) how hard it is to get it all done, to dress 700 background players for a 5AM call in the middle of nowhere, to have an actor replaced the night before shooting, to not have enough money to be able to buy the right accessories.  We know what it’s like to have continuity destroyed in the editing room.  We know.  We’ve been there.  We view these films with an insider’s compassion and perspective.  It is a miracle, sometimes, when it all comes together.

We celebrate these small miracles here at Frocktalk.  You’ll never see a bad costume review here.  If we think the costumes in a movie missed their mark, we’re going to leave it alone, with compassion.  We hope that the site proves educational and inspirational for our readership, especially to the people who create and produce entertainment.  We hope that Frocktalk sheds light on, and celebrates, the great achievement for which our fellow costume designers and costume crew fight every day.  We don’t get outta bed at 4 AM for nothin’.  Enjoy the site!


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