GI JOE AUCTION: December 7th 2010 end prices

Very little this week…even less next week.

Here is a quote from the vendors on the last of three MARS cases sold.

Q: Is this the most beat up of the 3 or any damage to it at all? (Hopefully you guys take a break for christmas so I can buy my kids some presents or something!) Thanks.
A: the outside is not to terribly beat up. However, the A im MARS is hanging on by a thread. It can be easily fixed with a little hot glue. We are starting to run very low on low on GI Joe items. Hopefully we will get a few more things. shelly 

This piece sold for $620.00

The next piece was a pair of dogtags and a shirt worn by Duke. This sold for $104.00

These were inscribed:


Finally this Marlon Wayons set of pants, scarf, jacket, gloves and hat went for a cheap $153.70




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