What I saw on eBay!: 24 Keifer Sutherland jacket

No GI Joe update this week as the items were so poor….I just couldnt justify the time spent to write about them. Clearly theres not much left.

Instead we have this wonderful CP Company jacket from Season 5. I thought it interesting to also cut and paste these questions from a bidder during the auction. Seems like they knew more than the company selling it VIP auctions.

Q: With all due respect, some of the information on previously auctioned Bauer items has been slightly inaccurate to say the least. Considering these items usually go for high amounts, can you please clarify a few things. This is the third CP Company M229 jacket from season 5 that you have auctioned off in the last few months. Jim Lapidus (more specifically Jean Rosen), took material from other identical jackets in order to add the hand warmer pockets. These jackets did not come with the pockets you see on the front. Although each jacket is identical in style, its a well known fact that each one slightly varried in color. This is why the pockets on the jackets you have auctioned off appear more green than the rest of the jacket. The material was taken from another jacket that had more green tones in the color than the jacket they were added to. This is why its extremely important to post pictures of the ACTUAL item for sale. These pics are being reused from item #180542036415. Thanks! Nov-18-10
A: You are right the item is so similar to the other one that they must of pulled in the wrong photo. There are no obvious differences execpt the CP company Label is not in this one. I have going to see if we can post images of the asset tags and front of the jacket. Shelly
Q: Please look at the small tag on the inside of the jacket (on the side towards the bottom) and tell me exactly what number (size) is there. Could be 48, 50, 52… Sometimes this differs from the information you received from the wardrobe department. Thank you very much! Nov-18-10
A: There is no tag on the inside of this jacket. The asset tag included with this item reads as follows: Weathervane Dark Grey Jacket, “CP Company” SZ. 38 ‘Jack’ Shelly

I believe that these have sold on ebay for between $2,000 and $4,000 a time…and that originally they cost $3,000 from the retailer…all fascinating stuff.

The biggest surprise this only sold for $1300….a very reasonable price considering the other amounts realized.


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