Starfleet federation two piece: WESLEY CRUSHER UPDATE!

Well some of you may remember this piece we did on the two piece TNG uniform recently….thanks to a fellow forum member on the Star Trek prop, costume and Auction blog another piece of the puzzle has aligned.

As we talked about in the article the jacket seemed to be one of the missing items from the show, being the Hero uniform worn by Wil Wheaton, which has never been auctioned to our knowledge but the tag may have been removed and used for the young Captain Picard character in “Rascals”

I was approached by a respected member of the board and owner of THE TREKPROPZONE, Mr Kevin Hanson who owns another piece used by Wil in the show, from season 1, lot 1420 from the IAW auctions. This silver ski-ing outfit was then compared measurement wise to the TNG crewmans jacket.

Here is Kevins email after I sent the measurements:

On the confirmed Wheaton costume (the silver ski suit from ‘Angel One’) I measure the arm inseam at 19 inches – of course, they are differently designed outfits).

The chest measures 33 – just like to uniform top you have.

The neck measures 15.5 inches – almost identical to the uniform top you have.

With all of the evidence I would say that the uniform top that you have is indeed one worn first by Wil Wheaton.

Now again this is two collectors opinions but the weight of evidence wears heavily enough for me to feel that due dilligence has been done.

Thanks to everyone concerned. Couldn’t be more thrilled!


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