GI JOE: The auction week 9 on eBay!

Well a quiet week. Only 3 items two of which were from the same character, and should have been sold together really.

First up, Ripcords costume from Paris after he is arrested. This trouser, shirt and hat combination went for $152. The jacket sold for $180, not bad for an Armani coat!

The problem with splitting this costumes isnt that much when you add the two costs together but it seems silly too me on the more expensive outfits, rather than make an extra buck these pieces should be kept together in my honest opinion.

The other item too sell was actually the same piece that sold at Profiles last year…the Baroness from the beginning of the movie.

Baroness costume from Profiles

Now this piece sold for $5300 for charity at Profiles and was donated by the director of the film.  It was all Hero except for the trousers that were like today’s costume sold, worn by the stunt performer Bridgett Riley. You can also see that the costumes are subtlety different because the leather doesnt go to the sides of the corset and the arms also have stretchy fabric so the performer can move in them.

This means that it was only used in a few short moments since there are very few stunts performed in the early part of the film. Thats a shame but when you remember that recently it was confirmed that there were only 4 of each other costumes made of each design, two stunt, two hero its still a great piece. One of the other pieces of information that came out of this auction was that the Baroness costume pieces are mixed and matched. A future article will be looking more into this very soon!

Here in the meantime is a picture of the stunt woman, and as you can see she looks ALOT like Sienna Miller!

This costume ended up selling for $3600! and came with the same belt and gloves as my coat from a few weeks ago.

Thats it for this week. 4 items up next week and now the VIP auctions are including “DEXTER” and “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”…….


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