The Christies Vader Helmets: A look back at the catalogues and auctions.

Well since the Vader in Christies is getting so much attention right now I wanted to do a write up on the helmets that were sold before. Here are the auction covers, descriptions and photos where available of those pieces!

First up then is the Christies December 1990 auction where according to Mr David Oliver, a great source of “Star Wars” knowledge in the United Kingdom, the best example of a Vader helmet was sold. I sadly do not have any information on the price reached so if you do please let me know. Also no pictures were taken for the catalogue of the actual helmet. Here is the description.

To my knowledge this is the first helmet to come to auction in the UK and the US.

Next up, December 1992. This was a great auction with many wonderful items.

There is substantially more info in the catalogue here and the final price was Two thousand eight hundred pounds.

Finally from December 1994 this piece came up.

The final selling price Four thousand two hundred pounds.

These pieces have all disappeared so using them for reference today is hard since very few pictures were taken at the time. Were they even screen used? Who knows….but for now here is pictoral evidence of Vader helmets from Christies past.


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