Starfleet Federation two piece…Captain Picard “Rascals” & much more?

Well here is a good example of investigation and the use of guesswork all making something special. I am not saying that my proof is conclusive…it is far from it but my findings need to be written down and of course I would love to hear from others. Bottom line I thought I would bring my talks with others and my pictures into a public place because this is such an interesting piece.

First up lets look at some facts. This costume was sold by Its a Wrap as lot 5135 and as can be witnessed from the pictures is a two piece Season 3-7 style costume described as:

A 2 piece Starfleet uniform colored command red with black trousers. The trousers feature a sewn in tag indicating use in Star Trek VII: Generations and the uniform jacket features a sewn in tag indicating use on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The uniform is intended for male wearers.

Its a wrap was very poor about describing the costumes that were sold in their auction. I don’t think anyone would ever argue that. In this case only two shots of the costume were used…a mid…and a full with no pictures of the interior tags. The “Generations” tag had no name. The trousers were a simple black pair with no V cuts in the front near the shoes as the TNG versions had for the tv show, and no braces.

They were made for background players in the movie, although I have not been able to substantiate that they were not used by lead actors as IAW did sell some costumes with tags that were exactly like this. It would appear Its a Wrap substituted them for the Season 3-7 two pieces were a pair of trousers were not available. In this case the trousers did not fit with the size of the jacket for reasons yet to follow. There is also velcro on the costume pants, and again this is an unanswered question for Star Trek Generations. Does it attatch to the jacket, is it for a tricorder holster or phaser….no idea.

So once the costume was paid for and in hand the immediate response was “why is this jacket tiny!” Actually it was more like IAW has screwed me…..laughs. After opening the jacket and seeing the beautiful construction that these costumes have inside to allow them to fit so well to the actor wearing it I noticed the original costume tag down by the waist and the name “David Birkin” and after vistiing the Internet Movie Data Base was overjoyed to see it was the actor who played young Patrick Stewart in “Rascals” and the size at least now made more sense. So at this point things got interesting….look at the next picture.

If you zoom in on that picture you can see the original wardrobe tag, the long style used in later episodes with the printed name…BUT underneath…yep…your eyes don’t decieve you…that is an original wardrobe tag stitching that has been removed and covered with this. That left the question…WHO would have had this costume made for them earlier than this episode and as usual why couldnt they just leave the darn tags alone! Only the “Trek” wardrobe department knows that one.

So…obviously the next point in this investigation was to go from Season 3 all the way to the episode “Rascals” and see who wore a age 10-15 (David was 15 when he got the role) sized costume and low and behold only 2 characters came up. The first was the Ferengi Starfleet officer in “Future Imperfect” and I assumed that the investigation was complete until I saw that it was a jumpsuit, and not a 2 piece.

This lead to the only conclusion that I could make. The costume was either a test version, or the final version screenused of this below. If not, well….there was not a character that even came close in size or relevance to make the costume for given reviewing every single episode of those made starting from the introduction of the uniform.

Episode "Menage a Troi"

I also checked about 10 years of previous auctions before….no sign of a Wesley costume sold. Nothing at Christies…nothing at IAW….nothing sold on to Germany and even Wil Wheaton didn’t appear to own an outfit. Rest assured I’ve just emailed him to ask if he would look at this page and give his thoughts since I know he has an online presence.

So there you have it. An investigation in progess after many years. Here below to close is a photo of the costume worn the next season (4), that I think was another size up since Wil grew much bigger every Season from looking at his costumes from Season 1 thru 4.

Thanks for listening. As usual its fun to talk about these things…even if your barking up the wrong tree. Hopefully more to come down the road…..


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