Well here is a great thing that happened….been a good week for those.

Just received my stunt Baroness coat and just got a lovely email from Sophia Crawford, the stunt actress on the production.

Wow!  I knew the coat was for sale and it looks like you have one of two coats that I had. The one that you purchased was used specifically for harness work and was made bigger than the hero coat to account for any padding I would need and the harness.

I rehearsed the stunt and then because the director wanted to see Sienna’s face as she slid down the bridge, she ended up doing the gag herself in the coat, so I did not wear it in that scene.

I also had to do plenty of running in that thing and in heels. One time I tripped on one of the tails and went tumbling to the ground, it was not the easiest costume I’ve had to work in, it didn’t move too great.

Anyway, just to give you a little background on the coat.

I’m glad you bought it

Thanks for writing, enjoy the coat!

All the best

Sophia Crawford

What a lovely letter and to know that Sienna wore the coat in the movie too is awesome.


More information from Sophie:

The reason the tails are sewn together is because I was running through the glass building in that coat and the tails were so long I tripped at full speed and went crashing to the ground. The wardrobe department did a rush job on set of fixing the problem for me.

Sienna had all of her outfits custom made and she two coats just like I did, a hero coat and a stunt coat.



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