What I saw on eBay!: The Phantom costume

Well I wanted to show this piece off because (a) I thought this was cool and (b) because I hope this is a good warning for those business like minded prop collectors out there who actually believe that when you say “Yes I’ll buy it” doesn’t always mean your going to crack open the Champagne.

This showed up on ebay a few days ago

Its a complete 1996 Billy Zane costume. Unfortunately the description wasnt very telling and the price was starting at $1200…kinda seemed to good to be true. I contacted the buyer and said could I have a price to buy it outright. We settled on $2500 and I asked him to call me.

yourprops costume

I used the evening to find other like costumes on yourprops…the only thing was that the belt looked more black. The pics on other sites made it appear more purple in the leather…a slight sheen.

Never got a call..just email after email with a story that started at this cost $4500 to then $7500. I really wanted to make this happen so I was patient…but as we all know that will be the death of a good deal. In the end he must have gotten so many emails from people when he pulled it off ebay that he settled for a higher offer….all for the sake of a few hundred dollars more.

So…the moral of this story. If you get a load of people vying for the same item remember one day you might meet a guy with a website who can belly ache about it…laughs. Secondly there are plenty more fish in the sea….and thirdly. I can’t stress this enough….if you say to a guy how much you want..and he agrees….make sure you go through with your promise.

Why? Because its the businessman like thing to do.

Nuff said.


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