Whilst seemingly going under the radar for long time collectors, there were plenty of deals to be had at this annual outing…although for me the same old bidders came out of the woodwork for anything good from “Resident Evil” and they all had a Japanese zip code!

For instance a Starship Troopers B grade helmet went for $350 in good condition. A Freddy Kruger sweater for $1600 but sadly I have no idea if it was screen used.  An amazing 12 foot crucifix with bleeding statue of Christ sold for just $50 from “Exorcist:The Beginning”, a broken Katana from “Resident Evil” for $800…and the list goes on. Even with shipping and 20% commission all still great buys.

The list went on…although sadly some of the items I bid up went one two high for me. Here is some of the best.

This Wesker jacket and boots went to $650 to the same buyer in Japan who bought most of the others… not sure what kind of collection he’s building but spreading the wealth isnt in this guys vocabulary.

Since this has happened before between our bidding wars I stepped out at $650 knowing he would happily go up to $3,000 and not bat an eyelid. Not kidding there either…..

Next up was an original “hero” bat from “Inglorious Bastards” This was a beautiful piece and described as Sgt. Donny Donowitz (Eli Roth) screen used, hero, worn, light brown wood ‘Hutton & Aldrich Co. Hard Knox, 100% Genuine Sugar Maple, Made In The USA Knoxville, TN’ baseball bat, with Nazi soldiers names written in different shades of black ink. This is the very key bat that Donny uses in the film! (approx. 33″ long).

The final price…$3700.

These glasses from the movie “The Book of Eli” were worn by Denzel Washington. They are a key part of the movie and worn on the poster by Denzel. Final selling price only $400.

Next, something I should have kept going for…for only $400 this was the sword and helmet from “Resident Evil 4” and clearly seen in the film.

Big mistake there I made…beautiful item!

Next up a load of original X files scripts could only muster between $25-50 dollars on average. Made me think here of the “Lost” auction where original scripts sold for $7500-$15000.

This Axeman piece sold in line with the one a few months back for $3800 from “RE 4”

A nice piece and when coupled with the costume pieces for $1900 an amazing piece to give to Tom Spina, resident costume expert to remake the creature as seen in the film!

Here is a Milla “Alice” holster set. The rubber machine pistols and one of these twin holsters sold for $5,000 last time around. $450 was cheap this time!

I really wanted this Bruce Willis costume from “Red” but bowed out at $750. Sold for $800 and was a super piece but not custom enough for me. Uniforms can be a little boring if not different enough.

The next “Red” piece fell into that category but jumped from $50 all the way to $2200 in one bid. That pretty much killed the bidding for everyone….and it stalled dead.

So many of the “Red” costumes worn by Karl Urban and John Malkovitch sold for a few hundred dollars….many of the wardrobe pieces were top quality clothing makers.

Numerous pieces were passed in the auction from chairs and tables made for “Inglorious Bastards” all the way to props from “Killers”. There were many potential $50 sales…that nobody pounced on. That means there were few people watching.

In the end I only won one piece. This was a working syringe used on the attack on Willis in his house at the start of the film. A fantastic custom working piece, with the ability to make fluid in the syringe disappear into thin air…or a bladder tied to a belt. A fantastic cheap working prop…for $50. Thanks PP.


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