Lost auction items: Around the net

A busy weekend here but lots of cool stuff for next week….

For now here are a couple more Sawyer pieces from the “Lost” auction, soon making there way to a new home.

This was used in the episode from Season 3 “Par Avion”

Par Avion


"Enter 77"

Sawyer shirt used in another episode. This ones from Season 3 and used in “Expose” and “Left Behind”.


Both shirts originated from the “Profiles” auction. Love to show you a COA, but they haven’t sent them out yet. Can’t wait to post pics when I do!

Next up is the Sayid Knife that I recieved. Some of you asked for some closeup shots of the knife so I obliged.

The blade has been delibertely ground down so as to not cut anybody using it and then sprayed silver and dirtied down. The sheath has had the makers name “blacked” out and sports a piece of cardboard inside to stop the knife wiggling.

This style was also used by the Freighter mercenaries and used by Sayid to injure Keamy in the finale episode.

A nice guy to chat with, Grant, was the winner of the pilot episode Sawyer costume. Here is a picture of that piece used in the first Season.

I did some digging around and found a really nice production still used on the show for him.

A really great piece Mr D.

Finally as an FYI another Season of artwork has been posted on ebay. Its item number 170559335355 but I really don’t see it hitting $7,200. Take a look though but not putting new pictures up of the items I think will hurt it.

There is also this DHARMA tomato sauce for the princely sum of $2,000. Item number 400160483483 for those inclined to look.

See you soon for more items as they hit the net!


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