“What I saw on eBay!” NEW FEATURE

Well that song just about says it all. Ebay is the last bastion for some of us of slightly used, real screen used props and wardrobe….and also…a lot of crap. Yes….and some dangerous crap too.

What we want to do here is not upset bidders…in fact I have no intention of showing off items before they sell. Merely highlight some of the awesome deals and low prices that others are finding. I personally find that eBay used to be a lot more fun. The company has taken a great concept and made it far too unseller friendly. In fact one or more of my articles could just be about the amazing lengths people will go to to scam others before…on both sides of the fence. The minute they took the ability to see who your bidding against out of the equation this system became very unfair…but that’s another story.

Here then is our very first item in this new category. I think you will find this incredibly interesting what is slipping thru the cracks!

“SALT” cashmere jacket.

Well I haven’t even seen the movie yet, but this piece is awesome! Reelclothes have always been an awesome company to work with and our really great sellers. They have also handled alot of SONY material, although now with Profiles looking in the door I hope this doesn’t change.

This is 100% cashmere coat by Loro Piana U.S. size 8 was used for stunts and has harness holes on both sides and the back.  The brand is Italian and these coats retail for between $3,000-$4000 dollars

Just an amazing example of some of the cool items out there starting at $1. I’ve found a load of pictures of Angelina and her stunt double on the set.

Although Lorenzo Bonaventura the producer would have us believe much of the work was hers, many of the stunts were performed by French Stuntwoman Eunice Huthart who has worked with her the last 10 years on Tomb Raider and Mr and Mrs Smith and overseen by Simon Crane.

Two Jolies? Angelina and stunt double on the set

I did pull up a very surprising pic at the end though….and seems to confirm at least at first sight that that stunt can also mean double…or stunt for the lead actress. Food for thought….

Harness holes

Hmmm...looks like Angelina WILL do her own stunts....if tied down.

Thanks “coming soon”…..awesome work!


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