Hollywood Treasures: TV review

Well after the hoopla what do we get? An entertaining show surprisingly enough with lots of cool stuff, many ideas taken from other shows of the same ilk, and a few eye opening surprises.

Certainly the piece on the carpet bag clearly shows there are treasures to be had all over, but did anyone actually provenance is not much more than a visual inspection and matching to a dvd screen. Well…truth be told thats what it typically is but it was nice to see “experts” called in, and very nice to see that piece on the Lugosi costume, proving again alterations can indeed and are a part of the classic costume world.

I really enjoyed putting faces to names. It was really nice to see Fong Sam and several other employees at the company that I have dealt with over the years. Many of the collectors featured are people I have come to respect and have known of there collections for years were onscreen and will be featured in upcoming episodes. Who on earth would ever have known the amazing items that Bob Causey makes were created in a room of 150 square feet and who wouldn’t want a trip in the batmobile. Wonderful!

Clearly Profiles is wanting to make inroads with the studios and I could feel several dealers shiver as the prop draws at Sony, one of the final bastions of props that are not on the open market, were slowly opened. After that deal with the Rodger Young, I promise we will be seeing more stuff from them. After all…$3,000 was assumed…and $35,000 obtained. Thats a big window of opportunity!

Some of the more iconic pieces were a little more emotional for people to part with. Clearly this was played on heavily with the witches hat, but again money seems to be the great healer here….and $200,000 healed that wound. Some collectors have recently been complaining about the money aspect of the hobby, but with this show its the hook…and will be what draws the regular public in, just like the Antiques Roadshow has done for the last 30 years on English television.

I think that Sci-Fi and Joe have a hit on there hands….and as I pointed out to several people, suddenly we collectors have become a little more cooler…and certainly even though its not the case…maybe a little more well off with our supposedly valuable collections of plastic, fibreglass and cloth.

A win win for all.




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