GI JOE: The Auction Week 6 roundup

Well its week 6 and not really much to report. We are still at 4-5 items a week so I’ll report again what sold and for how much.

First up Marlon Wayon’s played the character Ripcord and his complete ensemble minus boots went for $516. A nice piece that screenmatched with the trousers.

The next piece was a tatical vest with GI Joe camoflage. This piece sold for $245. A cheap item, seen in the background of “The Pit”, the soldiers secret base.

Cover girls costume went for $898. This was another complete outfit, with various pieces. A screen match again.

The Baroness stunt costume sold for $495. This was used in a few scenes when we learn a bit of her backstory. Consisting of a Bebe black dress and fake mink scarf this was a good price but sadly a little uninteresting.

Finally, Channing Tatum’s green shirt and dogtags hit $300.

All in all then no big surprises.

That was reserved for the Jack Bauer jacket that sold for $3500!


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