“Lost” auction Relic: Pearl station message tube

Another great “Lost” auction item is this message tube from “The Pearl Station”. Seen in various episodes including “?” and “Live together, die alone” the tubes were first discovered by Locke and Eko inside the station and we were given information from the video starring Dr Mark Wickmund aka Pierre Chang.

Episode "?"

During the episode we received enough information for us to make some educated guesses but the next time we would see the pneumatic canisters we would learn even more about the nature of the experiments that the Dharma initiative had been running.

Episode "Live together...Die alone" Part 1

The cannisters were mostly made out of drink bottles and black, blue and silver tape although a few real pneumatic tubes were purchased with opening tops. A majority of what you see in the show though are the cheaply made.

Here is an example of this on the left of the screen although these were mostly all thrown away after filming according to the Property Master as they were very cheap to make, but mass produced for the production to cover the “piles” created on location.


The interior notepads are regular notebooks with a cover attatched and rubber banded. They are exceptionally cool props and have a place in the central mythology of the show. Here is a picture of an original tube below.



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