“Lost” More items from auction, the internet and around the web

Lost Args has a competition/money raiser right now to win a shirt signed from “Lost”, worn by Hurley. Its the yellow dog shirt below and I’ve included a picture of the item. More details can be found over at: http://www.lostargs.com/

Over on eBay right now Lennon’s costume from Season 6 of “Lost” has been listed and its not a bad price starting at $950. More details about that piece can be found at the following ebay auction number 330488775447 or seller name wyldchyld as Im having trouble linking to the auction right now. The same seller is also selling Locke’s knife from the end of Season 6 that was used to kill Jack so you might want to check that out but at $7500 I don’t think its going to sell anytime soon.

The Rousseau music box has also just been listed on eBay by seller jdproductions 2005. Priced at $2500 this is another item that I feel isn’t really iconic and overpriced. The number to check it out anyway is 120637171000 for your viewing pleasure.

These Ajire passes purchased by Hurley before he boards the plane are a great item for only $139.00 in my opinion. They are production used and can be found at 300481562480 or sellers name zzzpirate. Again taking pictures or linking to eBay has proved a problem so check them out before they are gone.

I’ve had a lot of questions about “Lost” items in my collection and I wanted to thank you all for the interest. Currently I’m not interested in selling anything, but one never knows. Don’t forget that a lot of the pictures are from different collectors so bottom line is keep your eyes out and remember that now this stuff is in the public domain, opportunities can come at any time.

In the meantime here is an item that is just so cool. They sold the fully written out version at “Profiles” in the “Lost” auction and also one of the gift boxed versions. This is a “stunt” version above for running around with but its still a beautiful piece.

Journal from "Lost" auction

It would seem that there were several versions of all the Journals as they are very inconsistent in the show. The one above does seem to match from the auction although several inconsistencies were found in the version that originally sold for $27,500.

Thats it for now….more stuff tomorrow!

"The Constant"


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