“Lost” auction Relic: Virgin Mary statue

Well for today we have a beautiful screen-matched prop from the lost auction… Times two. Straight from the crate comes two Virgin Mary statues, both of which match to various episodes.

Various Virgin Mary statues

With the way these were stored as seen on the “Lost” dvd recent Rob Kyker video some of the paint has come off and they are very dirty having just been filmed and seemingly thrown into storage in a bag and plastic storage box pictured here. This archive or whats left of it after the auction is now at ABC TV.

Luckily two of these were not only able to be matched but also to two very key moments. This was also made hard as the statues do seemingly change from shot to shot.

From investigation it would seem early statues were plaster and then plastic. The paint job was fairly consistent until end of season 2 when they were revised for one episode.

First up on the far right, this statue from “The 23rd Psalm” was  used in the scenes with Mr Eko and John Locke at the plane with Eko’s brothers body.

Here they discover more Virgin Mary’s and the crates marked medical supplies and these statues have very different paint markings with less detail on the face and unpainted hair.

The first statue in the main picture top of page is the fairly standard variant. This one will be covered in a future article.

The final statue in the main picture at the top of the page in the middle has the more common-paint job but the base has a sand/paint mixture that not only gives it more detailing but allows a perfect match on screen .

Although only scene in a few shots it was used in the sequence from “3 Minutes” where Charlie throws them out to sea casting the ghosts of his addiction aside.  This statue is pictured below in this matched screen capture.





The statues according to Rob Kyker originally numbered between 120-150 made which after they were filmed, dropped, broken, thrown and left the set only numbered about 25. Some went to the archive and 10 went into the auction. The plastic ones were finished off on the base with plaster to make them appear mass produced and a very few had sand inside to give them weight for hero use with the actors. It is one of these that appears with Terry O’Quinn on the Blu ray extras feature for Season 6 where he reveals he kept one from the show.


The lot was pictured in the Lost encyclopedia book released in October 2010 so will remain documented for all time in this and the Profiles auction catalog.

These wonderful items generated significant interest at the auction and have now made there way into the hands of a real fans.

Viewers at the "Lost" auction in Santa Monica




Thanks for allowing us to help match these pieces and print these pictures. More tomorrow… these next items would, when phoning home, make E.T. Jealous…..

Promo photo from "Fire and Water"


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