“Lost” auction Relic: Freighter Satellite phone

Perhaps the most exciting prop on the auction, this is one of two Hero phones offered for sale. In another lot there was a phone attributed to Naomi that sold for $2000 but there was no way of knowing if it was functional.

The second phone in a separate lot was offered as part of the device that Faraday used to send Morse to the freighter. This was a dummy stunt phone and broken in half. 

So here we have a series 4 hero phone with lights. Unfortunately time and storage conditions means the phone did not light up when the internal batteries were switched out. A more detailed check of the electronics will be required.
The phone were first introduced in the third season and ended with the fourth season and was an integral part of the writing allowing characters to find characters and plot points quickly to move the story along. Thusly nearly every main character used this phone during the filming of the episodes as according to Rob Kyker very few were made due to there original expense. In fact according to him these were all the phones made for production when spoken to at the “Lost” auction.
This phone was originally modeled on an original production phone from the early 2000’s and then molded after significant changes.
The original push button front was changed to a simulated screen which still has the CGI markers attached.  This in the auction package was augmented with the original pair of laminated card displays used to show actors where on the screen they should press for various functions before the CGI was mapped in. This could be swapped out depending on which display was used and taped into position.

Sat phone with white CGI markers on screentouch

The rear is removable and either 3 AAA batteries or 2 AA batteries allow the green activation light to illuminate. The bottom of the phone has a small hole that allows a hairpin or similar tool to press the inner button and turn the light to red. All of the other buttons are non functional.

Screen match for above Sat Phone

Well thats it for this great prop. Thanks to the new owner for letting put up these great pics and see you tomorrow when we will be looking at a great prop item from the episode “?”.


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