“Lost” auction Relic: Medical supply crate from the downed plane

Well this is our first item obtained from the “Lost” auction and whilst not the coolest it certainly like everything is much cooler than on a catalog description and single photo.

"The 23rd Psalm"

This is actually a pretty cool piece having been used in various episodes, and of course originally contained the many Virgin Mary statues that were originally smuggled to the Island.  Here is how that occurred:

The smugglers acquired a quantity of heroin, that for a variety of reasons including lack of demand, needed to be moved out of Nigeria in order to be sold. At the time, U.N. and Catholic missionary planes were the only private planes allowed in the air. To complete their deception, the leader of the group (Eko) coerced his brother Yemi, an actual priest, into providing them with the paperwork necessary to make them priests and so they could board one of the planes allowed to leave the country.

Yemi arrives at the runway while the smugglers are loading the statues onto the plane. As he attempts to convince Eko not to get onto the plane, a truck filled with Nigerian soldiers drives onto the runway. Goldie and Olu exchange fire with the soldiers, resulting in the death of at least one of the soldiers and the fatal wounding of Olu and Yemi. Goldie boards the plane and helps Eko get Yemi onto the plane but kicks Eko out before he is able to board.

Eko later burns the plane with his brother inside and the crates of Virgin Mary statues filled with drugs.

The wooden crates are as pictured and filled with straw…some of the straw has small pieces of plaster inside from the broken statues. Most of the statues were plastic after the initial run of plaster statues proved too breakable.

As you can see the crate has medical information on, part of the deceit used by the drug smugglers.

The crates are fairly sturdy, but not terribly durable having been originally made for the show in 2004.

The other side of the crate has an inventory sticker used by the “Lost” prop team. Unfortunately it was placed directly over the original props end sticker, and removing it would surely tear it.  More careful placement would have meant the prop survived as filmed.

Inside is a large pile of straw, as seen in the above photo.

So there you have it. Our first item. Join us 12 hours from now when we will be showing off the next item….

"The greater good"


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