“Lost” items indepth look this weekend………

Well I know its been a long time coming, and big apologies for dragging it out, but several items have made there way to owners post auction and several other owners of items have come forward with there photos so I have started work on the articles coming out the next few days.

I want to thank “Profiles in History” for again running the event. There are a number of really happy fans out there right now, ranging from the owners of Jin’s Handcuffs, thru Hurleys boots and all the way to Sawyers shirts….and its also been a time for some great friendships and business transactions with the people who got together and split lots or want out of there way to find people who worked on the production both pre and post auction to tell there tales. Its been a really cool time to be a “Lost” fan…and a “Lost” collector. Sadly though as the items come in and the show is now over all we have is those memories….but at least we have them.

I still wish that the last season had gone differently though….and always will.

A big thank you to my friend James in Hawaii who is letting me print a few pics of items he has picked up including one of the Carrie books from “A tale of two cities” and his Sayid knife pictured at the end of the article. He also picked up a few items at Profiles so hopefully we can get him to send us pics of those.

I also have seen this week several items sell on ebay including the famous knife from “Profiles” that was used to kill Jack. That is currently listed on eBay as item 330486075312 so check it out if your interested although the $7500 price is high.

This jacket and costume combo was also just listed on eBay below and is a pretty nice set although again priced at $2500 or best offer is clearly in my honest opinion too high for the item listed on eBay! as item 120636437882. Check it out though as it does have a costume tag with it.

The problem is that the tag also shows how few scenes it was used in. A problem with most of the off island costumes really.

At the end of the day it has become clear to me that these items will be hard to find in the future. ABC has quite rightly made it known they are not reselling anything else publicly and most of the used items seem to have been retained for the archive. I think this is a good move and fully support it, since most people were led to believe that the auction was there one and only chance to own something.

Oh…almost forget. Box Bros sent me more pics of “Lost” items going out to there new owners…..here are a bunch of Ben Linus household wares!

Also amazingly here  are the Oceanic airline seats getting ready to be shipped….well….I don’t know where but there they are. Box Brothers you guys are amazing!!! That will take quite some time to get that packed I wager!

So I’ll end with a promise for more items tomorrow….more stories from the auction and a promise that we won’t be virgin on the ridiculous tomorrow. Now…wheres Mary?

Season 1 "Hearts and Minds"

Sayid Knife


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