GI JOE: The Auction Week 5 (is it all over….nope they just listed stuff later)

Well sadly it looks like the storm has come and gone as yet again I’m the under bidder on two items having cost someone vast amounts of cash and no new items relisted. Here is the rundown! (update…..they started listing items later)

Dukes costume from the last 1/3 of the movie went for $364. This was a nice example since it was used so much and the under shirt although not custom still was $150 to buy brand new!

I really liked this piece but thought it slightly uninteresting to go much higher on it. Oh well.

Next up was the Scarlett harness jacket worn in the bike chase in Paris. This was a Bill Hargate original…a beautiful piece but just a little bit too rich for my blood at $853.  A terrific item none the less and a custom piece is always welcome in any collection. I really like the way the belt and costume combine too! This was a split costume from last week and goes with the white shirt/jean combo below.

Next up is the General Hawk. I screenmatched this piece to the original photos of Dennis Quaid from the press photos. A beautiful piece and sadly I’m the under bidder again. Sorry whoever I bid up…..sigh.

Consisting of hat with badge, belt, jacket and trousers it sold for $1476.00

A terrific piece!

Then we have the second case which was a stunt MARS case used to hold the warheads.

This was in really rough shape and missing lots of detailing and cameras and sold for $829

Finally Storm shadows costume from the Paris chase scenes sold for an unexpected $1500. A very high price for a white suit but considering he is a beloved character understandable.

Very little cool stuff again next week. Please VIP list more than 5 items a week……..the collecting community really is pleading!

Until next time…..


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