Lost the auction: The Encyclopedia of “Lost” releases

Well the “Lost” encyclopedia has been officially released and whilst an excellent read for aficionados of the series I think casual readers may be disappointed. Certainly I am sad that the pictures mostly contain similar if not the same images from the Lost auction, and they do look like they were taken at the same time.

The information present in the book, particularly when going over some of the puzzles and mystery’s of the show is excellent and for $44.99 viewers of the show will certainly for more closure than before as several key items are covered in great detail and finally questions are answered.

Now if you were lucky enough to buy certain props at the auction then you will be very pleased as they are now permanently recorded in both this book and the original auction catalog. Now for reasons that will become clearer later this week here are a few of my favourite pages from the book.

First up one of the most iconic props from the show get there own page and full history. There were only about 120 of these made for the show with only 22 making it to the finale and 10 ending up sold at auction. With the others split amongst the crew and going to ABC’s archive these were always going to be a cool item during the auction and they garnered alot of attention during the sale. Made from cast plastic many moments from the show contain these awesome items…who can forget Charlie throwing them out to sea….or the appearance in Season 5 of one behind Eloise Hawking in her office.

Next up is a screen shot of my Mikhail costume. I was really happy to see this since it matches perfectly and I have only just received the brown thermal that is pictured underneath. Awesome.

Next up a lot which many people were confused over. Ill be running a full expose of this with the new owner soon but it seems that the pile of canisters was infact mostly made up of cola bottles, with these six “hero” props thrown in for good measure. Each canister also contains a DHARMA notepad.

Viewers may be surprised that the pile consisted almost entirely of the fake canisters made from plastic bottles, tape and lots and lots of manpower.

Next up is a great section on the Sat phones…..a small but integral part of season 4.

Again we will have indepth pics soon from the new owner of one of these awesome props!


One thought on “Lost the auction: The Encyclopedia of “Lost” releases

  1. So awesome to find one of your costumes in the book. I was so disappointed that there was no specific entry on “Time.” Thought for sure that topic would have its own entry and maybe my purchase of the Faraday kit would find its way in there.

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