Forgotten Relics 15: Sarah Jane Smith props and wardrobe “Dr Who”

Liz Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith on the show from the Jon Pertwee years all the way till now! She even has her own hit series on CBBC. Its fitting then that she had kept many of the cool personal items she used on the series. Here is a few of them at a convention in 1993.

Liz Sladen being interviewed

Visible are her costume from “Hand of fear” far left, a jewelry case, the TARDIS key, a pair of boots from “Seeds of Doom” and her wellies, also from “Hand of Fear” I believe.

Her daughter was at a convention soon after wearing the “andy pandy” outfit in red and white stripes as it became known…poor Liz said it was so small she couldn’t still wear it today.


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