Forgotten Relics 13: Star Trek: DS9 Breen warrior costume

Gone from my collection but not forgotten, this Breen costume was worn by several great actors in the tv show “Deep Space Nine”. As with many items from Its a Wraps trek auctions the costume was complete but all the pieces were mixed up. This resulted in a mishmash of parts.

Here is a description from Memory Alpha of the Breen.

The look of the Breen masks, which include a “snout”, was derived from the visual suggestion that they are a snouted species, like a wolf.

The Breen costumes were problematic for the actors playing them, as they made both seeing and breathing difficult: there was only a single small hole in the beak, about eight inches from the actor’s nose, according to stand-in and stunt double Todd Slayton, who played Thot Gor. The costumes also included big, clumsy boots, and the outfits were layered like an armadillo, making movement difficult. The helmets, which were complicated to put on and remove, were held together with magnets, and were prone to falling off when someone bumped into them. The switches for the lights on the helmets were inside the helmets, requiring the actor to remove the helmet in order to turn the lights on and off. For reasons unknown to production personnel, the nine-volt batteries that powered the lights only lasted minutes before burning out

This nice thing about these costumes was the placement of damage on them. This enabled me with the names written inside to correctly ID all the parts and when they were used in the various episodes.

For instance here is this very costume used in “By Infernos Light” and below in the episode “Death do us part”

Perhaps its most famous use though was by Gul Dukat in “Indescretion” in 1996.


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