Forgotten Relics 11: Star Trek Deep Space Nine ODO costume

One of my very favourite Star Trek pieces. Sold by Its a Wrap, this was only the second “classic” odo costume to come to market from my knowledge….the other one came up at Christies and was sold as lot 463 where it sold for $3,360

A two-piece Bajoran-style suit, comprising: a jacket of brown wool, with bajoran communicator pin, with matching pants, belt and boots, the suit with Deep Space Nine label inside inscribed Rene Auberjonois; with corresponding wardrobe tag — made for Rene Auberjonois as Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (5)

Its very interesting that although worn in very few episodes, BOTH came with the belt. Heres an interesting piece of information from Memory Alpha:

The belt which Odo wore for the first six episodes of  season 3 disappears in this episode.  Rene had originally asked for the belt because he liked the look of the belt which costume designer Robert Blackman had designed for the all-black outfit in “Crossover”. However, on the beige costume, Auberjonois felt that the belt looked “Buck Rogers-y” and asked if he could remove it. Kira finally notices the difference in “Crossfire”.

My costume as detailed above was from IAW with this description:

STAR TREK: DS9 “ODO BAJORAN SECURITY UNIFORM” A costume featured in various episodes of Deep Space Nine for wear by Rene Auberjonois in the role of the Changeling Chief of Security, “Odo”, and is a long-sleeved, dark brown jacket featuring light brown accents around the shoulders and sleeves, a Velcro patch for a Bajoran militia commbadge (not included), corresponding overall-style trousers with stirrups for the feet and matching, wide, brown belt. A sewn in tag denotes wear by Rene Auberjonois’s stunt double but the trousers and the belt denote wear by Rene Auberjonois himself.

Whilst the costume was originally without a combadge IAW sold me one seperately, although a suitable pair of boots was never available. The costume does have two stunt mans names inside but there is a visible tag removal from behind them, this means that it could have been an one of the Odo’s hero costumes. As with most Paramount items….we will never know.


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