The Cybermen Invade London…..Filming “more than 30 years in the TARDIS”

November 1993….a great time to be a Dr Who fan. Although the show wasn’t on the air fans did a great job in keeping the show alive. Books, magazines, audio plays and BBC enterprises. Although THE DARK DIMENSION story was never produced…”Who” was celebrated by one Kevin Davies, the director and a multitude of actors and behind the scenes personal and the fans who helped it happen….the show….”More than 30 years in the TARDIS”

One of the projects was to recreate the famous scenes from “The Invasion” where the Cybermen invade London and proceed to walk through various famous landmarks.

Original 1968 footage from "The Invasion"

This event was recreated by various fans and friends for the production before the steps were destroyed years later. The Cybermen used were mostly fan made…the BBC having sold theirs off years before.

1993 recreation with "Earthshock" Cybermen

We also proceeded to the nearby pub where again a moment from the show was recreated for the special. An unforgettable experience.


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