“Outlander”…..a rough diamond unseen by most

Original preproduction art

A little teaser here. It would seem that most people haven’t seen this excellent film that was in theaters for about one week before it went straight to DVD in 2008. Described by its star Jim Caviezel as a combination of Predator, meets Highlander and Braveheart this movie is made with heart and a good sized budget. Most importantly…..it has a great script and some solid actors including Ron Perlman and John Hurt.

James Caviezel in "Outlander"

Alot of information on the movie can be found here…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlander_%28film%29 and an even larger amount of info can be found here….a labor of love by the blog owner who seems to have found more information about this film than I could ever have hoped to have found. His on set pictures are truly amazing.


The creature was designed by WETA and then Patrick Tatopolous and is heavily featured in the film.

One of the really cool props from this film is the beacon that is used by Kainan, firstly as a device to feed information about Earth, the language and maps into his head by implanting into his brain via retina, then as a receptacle for equipment and finally as a homing beacon to alert his fellow soldiers back on the home planet of his need for rescue.

The beacon is a fully interactive prop with control box. Made by WETA of New Zealand I have featured some shots of the prop and screen shots from the movie.

Closed position

Open position

Control box

Here is the piece used in the film by the star. Originally it came with the surrounding case but I felt the cost of shipping was prohibitive to owning that.

The piece goes from the static closed position with two side blades opening and two smaller lower down pieces to allow access. The piece has a working opening device on either side of the exteriror, chasing lights on the front to simulate the beacon functioning and various other built in widgets that are used during the “brain transference”

Here is a shot of the beacon lighting up.

Check out the Hi res clip here…..http://outlander.solsector.net/scenes.htm

We’ll have footage of the prop in action soon. Stay Tuned!


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