Resident Evil live feed from Premiereprops auction September 11th 2010 Part 2

Ok….the glove gun goes for $650. Aldo’s dogtags…..went more. Now onto Piranha…..

2:48pm Hollywood Prop Supply buying stuff for eBay cheap. Robert Pattersons tombstone gets some interest. Its big but finely detailed piece. $400. Back to Resident Evil with Alices grey top. Ali Larters boots $350….her glasses $350. The knife carrier is nice but only seen for seconds. Sold for $400 to Japan. First of the red scarabs sell…..only one that lights up.

3:20pm 241 $550 for an Alice black catsuit.  The production art is nice. ..but doesnt sell.

3:48pm Piece of deathstar has a reserve. Reserve not met…..battlestar stuff has reserves…none sells….animation cells are not selling either…..Changing up the auctioneer now for the return of RE props. Lot 286…. 291 Alices autopsy knife that goes thru her arm.

4:10pm Alices rubber and blood covered breastplate went for $500. Another production drawing…..kinda nice. $200 for the grenade…cheap. Again the presenter calls Bennett (Kim Coates) a woman…….He is a man. $2600 for Wheskers glasses.

5:15pm Animation stuff still being passed over….

5:57pm its pretty painful…..the room is quiet….the chatrooms are silent….and the props don’t seem to be in the movie……aka the bearjews scissors……alot of this stuff is going cheap. The brochure for nations pride only $150. Pipe for Landa goes surprisingly cheap at $1200. All the art is being passed on…..currently at 454

6:40pm still going….pretty brutal.

7:14pm Katherine Hiegel ID badge from Killers….stuck at $50. Problem is the item in the catalogue doesnt match the footage shown on their video……lot 487. Shoshannas ID from Inglorious is nice…but not the screenused one becuase of a mark on the side not being present.  Many techical problems…….not sure who these tens of thousands of people are watching…they certainly arent bidding?!?!?

7:51pm Still pushing the art…..and still not selling at the reserve amounts. They must be getting tired there….im exhausted. Won my Allie Larter costume for a good price. No boots but I’d rather bank that $1,000 difference. Thank you PP.

With boots....

...and without the boots.

One of Alices jumpsuit for $750 lot 534 …. Hollywood prop Supply is buying cheap stuff…expect on ebay soon. The Jill Valentine hits $1500…not bad for a costume used for 15 seconds.  The sword used in first 20 minutes goes in $2000 range.  Its a shame as that Star Wars audio tape was amazing….the fans who would want that simply don’t know that this piece was available….Harrison Ford dropping his lines all over the place. $250 is a  steal,  even though you can’t reproduce it.

As an addendum imagine my surprise when I looked up Mays last Premiereprops auction and saw this! What a difference a few months makes!


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