Resident Evil live feed from Premiereprops auction September 11th 2010

Well with a little over 20 minutes until we begin many people seem to have bid the items up early in an effort to stake there claim. There seems to be a lot more interest in this auction than previous events where many items didn’t receive a single bid. We shall see if this early excitement continues!

10:51am Well on lot 1 Alices cat suit the price jumped $1,000 10 minutes before the auction started….anyone ever considered subtlety with your bids?

11:00am Looks like we are off…or maybe not…..still waiting. People seem unable to wait..they are still bidding up items even though the auction hasn’t begun yet. Pre show countdown??? I guess they are milking this…..Milla Jovovich will be live talking with them…and Paul WS Anderson….Spencer Locke “KMART” will be there live…

11:15am Call your friends??? I don’t need the competition. Much more entertaining watching video than starring at a bid screen. “Every cool gun?” available….this guy like most presenters doesnt know what he’s talking about…sigh. Showing a trailer for “Killers” I do hope that the charity does well but I heard the movie is super bad! Now they are showing a DVD featurette….THIS IS WORSE THAN GOING TO THE MOVIES AND WATCHING 15 MINUTES OF TRAILERS!!!!! Amazing insights the presenter says….hitting play button on DVD is what I say. I appreciate a new ideas for an auction…but really. GET ON WITH IT! Another DVD featurette???

11:30am Whoever aiyuu is (rumoured to be a Resident Evil uber collector) he’s already bid the first lots up to $1500. Maybe he’s bored. The auctioneer looks bored. The audience looks bored……we’re bored……KMART coming up next! Apparently this lady didnt realised they filmed the whole movie in 3D…..oh dear.

I would have thought the cameras were MUCH bigger. They are asking her about wardrobe and props but she doesn’t seem to remember much…and they won’t talk about spoilers even though the presenter asks what she thinks will happen in the next film? Wasn’t this starting at 11:00am PST? Oh..I see the Mila and husband footage is a trailer….lets go guys!!!!!

According to the director the medium of 3d is better for sucking the audience into the movie.  But…..what do you do if the movie just sucks? Interesting question….

11:40am Looks like we are off….”OWN A PIECE OF HOLLYWOOD NOW!!!” …”watch bid and win”…..its so quotable! Sagamirihara-shi minami Ku from Japan….I guess thats aiyuu. Not sure I like peoples names being on the screen. Buyers premium is 18% in the room….20% bidding by internet. Items must be removed by 6pm….items left behind our charged $100 a day to be stored! Yowzers!$2200 to floor on first item the catsuit.

Lot 1

Worn the entire film for lot 2…ali larter…dont say that man…because you cant quantify that….sigh. I have a feeling the presenter may be more a liability saying stuff like this. Lot 3 $300. The axeman is next. The bidding is fairly slow…the days of taking bids quick seems to be long gone from the non-internet days. Disco stu really wants this….he’s from Holland Patent, New York apparently.

11:51am The Axeman hooks. Suddenly they are speeding up….seems cheap $250. The axe head is next….but shipping kills this I reckon. People are bidding as he talks…laughs. He’s asking a couple of thousand…BUT only $850 is bid….Pierre from Luxembourg….wowzers…shipping to EUROPE!!! The auctioneer says $1500 is no money….laughs….THATS ALOT OF MONEY! Disco stu jumps in for the kill! Hmmm..I wonder if I know you……..The auctioneer keeps repeating stuff and giving me a headache…laughs.  Whesker goes for $4000 including commision….

12:15pm The pods up….$750….Piranha!!

Sleep pod

12:34pm Sleepy Hollow sword unsold….will continue to do the auction rounds. Killers…..they are pimping the on demand availability for date night. Heres an interview with Dan Levine….pic below.  He just claimed every single prop appreciates in value……Dan…..Dan….Dan……can he say that?

Dan Levine "all these items will appreciate over time" quoted......

Machette is cool….but the prop knife is from Desperado….goes to Pierre in Luxembourg for $650…..Coming up the first of the Inglorious Basterds stuff. ushers costume up first….beautiful gold dress…but missing the hat and other pieces sadly. Sold for $450. Dog tags…..$650 to bidder inglorious. $450 for the map…was used in the Bear Jew Scene.

1:15pm. Slow going…..Only at lot 44……fangoria movie prop horror auction before Halloween…..Devil….Red….Freddy Vs Jason. One of the bombs used on the roof of the prison sells for $400…good buy if it lights up. The umbrella shield is nice…but shipping kills it…as does having 9 more in there warehouse.

1:53pm More killers…..the Heigel white dess at $650. The breather before it was nicely made from metal only $100. So slowwwwwww………Some good deals on THE ROAD costumes…..$175 for the metal cross.

Wow…happy about that. I won the Outlander Special fx beacon that was made by “Weta” and Richard Taylor……that’s a deal.

very cool.

Ok…Aldo’s knife is up at lot $200 to start. Now stalling at $1300……sold for $1450.

Part 2 coming soon.


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